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To accept the terms and conditions it is necessary to be logging in using the official Second Life viewer. Once login details have been entered the terms and conditions window will be displayed. The terms and conditions box must be ticked to accept them for the login to continue.

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Q: How do you accept terms and conditions on second life?
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Does anyone have a second life login and password that you can use?

It is against the Second Life terms and conditions to use someone else's login details.

Does anybody have a second life account they don't use?

Many people have Second Life accounts that they no longer use however it is against Linden Lab terms and conditions to transfer an account.

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How can you become a couple in second life?

On the Second Life website, you can choose to become partnered to someone. The other person will have to accept the partnership, but once they do, you will be partnered in Second Life, and this will show in each of your profiles.

Can you have someones account for second life?

It is against Second Life terms of service to use an account belonging to someone else. Second Life accounts are non transferable.

Is second life for a 8 year old girl?

No, Second Life is not safe for an 8 year old girl. Users must be at least 18 years of age to access the full Second Life site. Users under the age of 18 and above the age of 13 are allowed limited access in accordance with Linden Lab terms and conditions. The Second life virtual world grid contains many areas of an adult nature.

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Certain areas and material within the Second Life world can be classed as rude. Regions that have an adult maturity rating often contain content of a sexually explicit nature. These areas can easilly be avoided and PG rated regions contain no content of an adult nature without causing a breach of Linden Lab terms and conditions.

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