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To answer a faction invite just do /f join <faction name>

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Q: How do you accept a faction invite in Minecraft?
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How do you accept faction in minecraft?

I assume you're talking about a faction invite. the command is /f join &lt;faction&gt;

How do i invite someone to your faction in mine craft?

To invite someone to your faction in Minecraft, do /f invite &lt;player name&gt;. They then need to do /f join &lt;faction name&gt; to accept your invitation.

How do you leave factions on minecraft?

In factions, if someone sends you a /f invite, you will be able to do /f join &lt;faction name&gt;. If you try to join a faction without an invite it will not let you. When someone gives an invite it is sort of like 'opening the door' of the faction to you.

How do you gain power on a faction server minecraft?

You have to wait and eventually you will regain your power.

How do you invite people to your faction?

First, only either leader or officers can invite people to faction not members.

How do you accept a friend invite on Minecraft?

A friend system is not built into the Minecraft game. Some servers have a friend system, the command is usually /friend add &lt;name&gt;

What is mine craft factions?

Minecraft factions is a plugin that allows you to make a faction, invite people and make your own base. You can grow your faction and gain more power, and once you have enough power you can take over other people's bases and raid them, competing to be the top faction on the server.

Can someone invite you to minecraft realms?

what I meant to ask was can someone invite me to minecraft realms

How do you leave a faction on minecraft?

You use /f leave [faction name]

How do you allow people in your chests on a Minecraft server faction?

add them to your faction with /f join &lt;faction name&gt;

How do you teleport to your faction in Minecraft?

If you are in a faction, and want to teleport to your faction home, just type /f home.

How do you let someone join my faction?

/f invite PLAYERNAME if you want anyone to join your faction /f open