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Violent Video Games have a negative impact on the mind's of children, and teens. Generally, the viewer of the video game will have an urge to follow of copy what is happening in the video game. People are advised to follow the gereral ratings of the game (suggested by professionals). MW3, and Call of Duty are poor examples of violent video games. Both are rated M.

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Q: How do violent video games affect children?
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What are worst video games for children?

The worst video games for children are violent video games because they teach the child playing the game to be violent and in some cases to make the child think that it is ok to be violent.

Do violent video games affect kids?

Violent video games provide a window for children to vent. If children didn't have video games like Grand Theft Auto, they wouldn't know the consequences of stealing a car, or beating up a hooker. If I have played it in a video game, I probably wouldn't want to do it In real life.

Are children more violent when playing violent video games?


Does violent video games scare children?


Do violent video games provoke violence in children?


Why does a video game affect you?

It can make small children violent, if they play violent games. It can also lead to obesity if you do nothing all day but play games. However, it can also be educational, depending on the games you play.

Video games do not make kids violent.?

Video games do not make kids violent.

What is the percentage of kids who play violent video games?

61.7 percent of children play shooting and or violent games

How much majority of people are against violent video games?

I know a lot about violent video games because I researched on it, there are 90 percent of majority who are against video games and only 10 percent of majority who likes their children to play these violent video games!

Why are children playing violent video games?

It is difficult to know why children play violent video games. Reasons may include: because they want to, lack of parent involvement, gaming advertisements, siblings and peer pressure.

Do violent video games affect the brain?

I don't know who your talking about so i cant answer that

Do violent video games cause violent bahavior?

It has been known that violent video games can reflect on people's lives, mostly children. When children see something that they think is cool, they're going to act it out. Acting out something from a violent video game can get a child in throuble at school and at home. However, older people, such as adults, are above these violen video games. This doesn't mean thatadults won't play video games. It simply means that they won't act it out. If the do, then they are a really pathetic adult.