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The picture on your TV is what your weakest point is How does your TV look without HD television.

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Q: How do the graphics look on a ps3 without an HDMI cord?
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How do you know if your TV is a HDMI TV?

Look on the back of the TV for a HDMI input connection. If it is there, your TV is capable of receiving a HDMI signal.

How do you connect HDMI PS3 to a hd tv?

To use an HDMI cord on the PS3, hook up both the AV multi out cord and the HDMI cord to the TV and turn on the TV to the AV setting. Go to options-display-display options(the first one), and follow the instructions. Once you press "yes" on the confirm settings screen, swith the TV to HDMI mode and see if it works. If it does, unplug the AV out cord on both sides. If it dosen't, refer to the instruction manuals.

What is the need for computer graphics in graphics?

So it can look good.

What is uma graphics?

Its how the game look, if the game is 3d it has good graphics, but if its 2d it has poor graphics.

What do HDMI cable look like that you need to hook up a game unit?

There are two different connectors used for HDMI one is normal size and the other is a mini HDMI plug. Even HD movie cameras use a a combination HDMI Cable, one end is normal sized to connect TV, the other end is mini HDMI to connect camera. If you need a cable Look for HDMI on the display, make sure you get the one for the particular equipment you will be using it on.

How can you damage a television without it being obvious?

rip the cord in half carefully and make it look like rats chewed it.

Do LCD projectors have an HDMI connector?

It depends a great deal on which projector you have purchased, some will support HDMI, others only VGA! Look into some higher end Epson projectors, I know they have HDMI.

How do you check if your laptop has an HDMI port?

Open your eyes and look around it.

What does a Nintendo 64 tv connection cord look like?

Either an RF cord or and AV cord(the red, yellow, and white cord).

Where is the Block Heater Cord for your 2005 Nissan Frontier?

look to the left of the battery for a cord

How can you play Lego batman 2 without shader model 3?

You can still play it, but the graphics will look choppy.

How do the graphics on the Minecraft free version look like?

Its a 3 dimensional world but with 8 bit graphics.