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I don't think you can make your own songs, but you can download them on 360.

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Q: How do make your own songs for Guitar Hero III on Xbox 360?
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How do you make custom Guitar Hero 3 songs on PlayStation 3?

I am not sure but I know you can create songs on guitar hero world tour. I was searching for the same question. I also know that you can download songs already made at the playstation store. (playstation store/addons/disc based games/guitar hero 3)

How do you get green day songs in Guitar Hero 3?

There are none, if you saw them on youtube, its because they make charts on their and its all technical and stuff. But there are no Green Day songs on any Guitar Hero, sadly.But there is Green Day Rockband out now!

Do they still make Guitar Hero?

Yes, they do still make Guitar Hero.

Will there be a Guitar Hero 7?

The final Guitar Hero they will ever make is Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock. They are, however, still going to make more Rock Band games

Which is the best Guitar Hero game for Wii?

well its really up to you what game you personally prefer but ill tell you what i think of each game: Guitar hero - Pretty cool a little too easy in my opinion but it has a couple of cool songs Guitar hero 2 - basically the same as the first one Guitar hero 80's - Quite good a few hardish ones some great solos Guitar hero Areosmith - there songs are great and they have a few trick ones Guitar hero 3 - Hasn't got many songs but its got a really good bonus song 'Through the fire and flame' now that's a hard one Guitar hero 4 (world Tour) - this one is probably for beginners because in my opinion all the songs are really easy Guitar hero Metallica - A Lode of Songs to Chose from and a lode of really cools solos (good if you like a challenge) Guitar hero Greatest Hits - its just a lode of hand picked songs from previous guitar hero game but a little modified and that's it... so far... Unless you have a preference for the available instruments in the different games (The newest having use of complex keyboards and guitars); I would say the best one is Guitar Hero 5 as it has some functionality to play custom songs. That means you can play virtually any song you like, provided that you find support for it or you figure out how to make it yourself.

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What are Guitar Hero custom songs?

Custom songs are songs that Guitar Hero player across the world cerate in the Guitar hero studio. They make their own tunes and let others play and listen. Any one who has a Guitar Hero game with the studio in it can do it.

Guitar Hero 3 compare to Guitar Hero 4?

Guitar Hero III:Over 70 songsModerate Difficulty2 players at the mostOlder songs$99.99 for Guitar BundleGame alone: $39.99-$59.99 (Not 100% sure)Guitar Hero: World Tour (Guitar Hero 4):You can make your own characterYou can make your own songsDrums + Microphone86 songsDownloadable songs$99.99 for Guitar Bundle$189.99 for Band KitGame alone: $59.99The prices are based on XBOX 360.I'd say get world tour, looking at the features. IF UR LOOKING FOR OLDER MUSIC, GET GUITAR HERO III...BUT IF YOU WANT MORE MODERN SONGS, GET WORLD TOUR.

What website lets you make your own guitar hero or rock band song?

If you have Guitar Hero World Tour, you can make songs on the game!

Are there custom songs for guitar hero 2 on Xbox 360?

Yes, but as far as I know you have to make them yourselves.

Can you play songs from your computer in Guitar Hero?

No. How do you expect Guitar Hero to make any money off of download-able songs if people can just play their own?

Did they make a beatles guitar hero for the original xbox?

No. There was only a Beatles Rock Band for the XBox 360.

Is Guitar Hero 2 on GameCube?

No. The first Guitar Hero game for the Wii was Guitar Hero III.

Can you make custom songs in Guitar Hero 3 for the Wii?


How do you make songs on Guitar Hero 3?

download the songs on a song list when you enter the game list search for the letter G and find any guitar hero category you can find world tour 1 2 or 3 4 5 or 6 and you have to be a xbox live membership and find whatever song you want.

How do you Make your own songs for guitar hero 2?

go to and they will answer everything.

How do you make Naruto songs on guitar hero world tour?

u cant

How do you make a Guitar Hero three guitar work with rock band on Xbox 360?

Just turn on the Guitar Guitar Hero III Les paul work with Rock Band perfectly. WELL YOU HAVE TO SYNC THE GUITARBY HOLDING IN THE SYNC BUTTON ON GUITAR AND PRESSING IT ON THE XBOX ALSO yes bill!