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to get professer oaks letter then you must first have the mystery gift from Jubilife city.You must also have the national pokedex. Save your progress.Then turn your Nintendo ds on and select mystery gift.Then you must select via wi-fi connection and choose oaks letter. then you must play Pokemon diamond and go to any poke-mart and talk to the man in green and he will give you oaks letter. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Can u do it any time, or do u have to do it by a certain time?

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Q: How do i get professor oak's letter in Pokemon Diamond?
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Does anyone have professor oaks letter in Pokemon?


Where is shayamin in Pokemon diamond?

You have to get Oaks letter an a special day and go to victory road then to the ocean and professor oak will be there with a rock and shaymin will appear.

How To Get Oaks Letter On Pokemon Diamond?

Via Nintendo Wifi.

Where can you find professor oaks lab in the game Pokemon diamond?

if you already have the national dex you can be able to go to his lab

Can you get Oaks Letter in Pokemon Diamond without Action Replay?

no you have to get is from an action replay or go to a Pokemon event

What do you do with oaks letter on Pokemon diamond?

You use it at the smooth rock. Then you can get shaymin.It is on route 224.

How do you obtain professor oaks letter in Pokemon pearl?

By action replay or events that that come rarely

How do you get oaks letter on Pokemon Diamond?

You have to get it from an event, but there hasn't been any event lately for Pokemon diamond/pearl. Most of the events are for platinum now, oaks letter was given out a feew weeks ago for platinum. You can keep a look out though by going to

How do you get the itemfinder in pokemon leafgreen?

You can get the Item finder from Professor Oaks in Pokemon LeafGreen. Professor Oaks is found on route 11 just out side of Vermillion City.

Can you go to professor oaks lab in Pokemon pearl?


How do you get professor oaks last pokemon in pokemon LeafGreen?

i done this for the crack of it :D

How do you get oaks letter in Pokemon diamond without the event?

Use the Action Replay go to pokemonaction for the code.