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First make sure your computer is connected to a connection and then plug your Ethernet cord into your xbox then connect it to your computer!

if you don't have spot in your computer for the ethernet cord to go in......then your screwed

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Q: How do i connect my Xbox to the computer internet?
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Should you connenct your xbox to computer in order to connect it to the internet?

A computer is not needed to connect to the internet for Xbox. It is required to have a wireless adaptor that will allow the xbox to access the internet

Does your computer have to be connected to connect to Xbox live?

No as long as you have a good Internet connection you can connect to xbox live

How do you connect to Xbox live with out computer?

Well what you really need to connect to Xbox Live is a modem that can transfer internet reliability.

I have a 3 mobile dongle how can you use this on your Xbox 360 to get Xbox live?

The only way i know is to connect it to a computer.The activate ICS, Internet connection sharing.Then connect your xbox to your computer and game away.

What do you need to connect your Xbox to the internet?

An ethernet cord to connect the XBox to a router or the wireless adapter for XBox to connect to your wireless router.

How do connect to Xbox live using a 3g wireless USB modem?

xbox wont connect with any other hardware besides a computer and the xbox wireless usb so use the 3g wireless usb in a computer and then use an Ethernet cable from the xbox to the computer then use a video from youtube

How do you connect your xbox to your computer?

To connect your PC to your Xbox One console: On your PC, open the Xbox Console Companion app and choose the Connection icon on the left side (looks like a little Xbox One). Choose your Xbox, and then choose Connect. From now on, the Xbox app will connect to your Xbox One automatically, as long as it's on for more details on how to connect printer with your personal laptop visit official website of printer support USA

Can you have a computer that doesnt have internet and still play xbox live?

You need an Xbox, or Xbox 360, and an Internet connection for Xbox Live. No computer required.

Xbox 360 will not connect to Xbox live when console is turned on?

Check your family settings or internet connection. Try plugging in a ethernet cable to your router and Xbox.. That should connect you to the internet and Xbox Live.

How do you connect xbox live?

get Internet Connection

Can you use a sprint air card for Xbox live?

If you have a wireless modem and connect it to your xbox then put the card in a computer and let the wireless modem pick up the internet signal from the computer then yes it is very possible

How do you connect a PC to internet?

you can connect an Internet to a computer using broadband