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You connect it to the computer using a modem, wirelessly.

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Q: How do you connect a DS to the Internet?
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Can you use the Wii to connect a DS to the Internet?

No. The DS can only connect to the Internet through a wireless router or Wi-Fi hot spot.

How do you connect your Nintendo ds to the internet?

You can by getting an r4 card for ds (by ordering)

Can you connect the ds lite and the dsi on games?

Yes, they can connect over an ad-hoc connection or the internet.

Do I need specific accessory to connect my Nintendo DS to WiFi internet?

Yes, you need the Nintendo DS WiFi USB adaptor to access the internet.

How do you play multiplayer for the Nintendo DS?

Use WI-FI, first U have to connect UR DS to the Internet.

How can i connect to internet when i have Naruto game on my DS?

use your wii on Nintendo channel

How do you get internet on your ds lite?

You can't get internet on the ds lite.You can only get internet on the dsi,dsiXL and the 3ds.

Does Netflix in ds or dsi allow you to see movies without internet and do you get updates automatically when you connect to internet?

there is no netflix app for ds or dsi, only nintendo 3ds

Is the Poke Walker Wi-Fi or Ds comunication?

The DS uses Wi-Fi connection to connect to other DS's and access points. The connection is pretty much the same to connect to the internet and to other devices.

Why does your WiFi work for your ds but not your wii?

It depends on your internet provider. My Wii connects up fine but my DS doesn't. If you really want to connect, talk to people and ask them who they connect with and then try it.

How do you do Internet in your ds?

Only certain games like Animal Crossing allow your DS to connect with wifi to a computer that has internet access and play in other gamer's towns online, and let other gamers play in your town. DS does not have internet surfing ability.

How can you get wi-fi from your DS to the internet?

Either connect it through wireless internet (they explain it pretty well in the games/manuals) or buy the DS wifi connector that plugs into your USB(?) slot.