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Go to the action replay manager, On the (My Codelist Window) right click on one of the cheats then it will say a bunch of stuff after u right click it , so click on add cheat and u will fill out the name of the cheat and the codes. I hope that works! (I had the same problem)

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Q: How do i add cheats to action replay when it won't give me an add cheat option?
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What is the action replay cheat for get any pokemon cheat for pokemon diamond?

No, but you can get more cheats off the internet and there are a lot of cheats allready on the DS action replay card

Pokemon cheats no action replay?

no cheats without action replay but if you want other amazing cheat codes check out

What is the Master code cheat for action replay?

there is a master code cheat to use the cheats in the action replay with out it the codes wont work

How do you put cheat codes in for SoulSilver?

You need to buy an action replay and then search up action replay cheats for soul silver on google or on a cheat website.

Cheat code for rare candeis without action replay?

im sorry but you need gameshark or action replay for cheats

Where do you write masterball cheats in?

You first put in the action replay. Next you click on the star on the action replay screen. It shows cheats, if the cheat is not there you go to MAKE A CHEAT. Then you put in what the cheat is and how to do it. Next you enter the code for the cheat. And finally you go to the star again and turn on the cheat.

Is action replay ds sold out?

An Action Replay DS is a distinct device that let DS owners experience the latest cheats for Nintendo DS. The only way to get cheats is to enter a valid code and you will unlock a cheat to whatever game you have in your Action Replay DS. To activate the selected cheat go to your "Cheat List" and select a cheat and hit "Activate." Then play the game and KABOOM! your cheats will be working. That's pretty much about the Action Replay DS.

What is the code for the shiny cheat in platinum?

If you want a shiny cheat for Pokemon Plantinum, go get an action replay for you and me,download the cheats at"Pokemon Plantinum Shiny cheats for Action Replay" and then download it. That's all I know.I don't know how to download the cheats onto the action replay so don't blame me if I'm wrong!

How do you use cheats on HeartGold?

There are none. You have to buy an action replay or gameshark to cheat.

How do you download cheats into the action replay?

you need an action replay CD witch you put in your computer and than you can make a custom cheat list

Best action replay cheats for diamond?

to get grodon heres the cheat code 18405fsdg4dvtcdfdf4d323y6

Where do you put the cheats for soul silver?

u have to enter the cheat codes in an action replay.