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you have to evolve horsie into sedra then evolve sedra into kingdra.

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Q: How do get a kingdra on Pokemon Sapphire?
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How can you get a Kingdra in pokemon ruby sapphire?

You have to trade seadra while holding a dragon scale

How can you evolve seadra in Pokemon sapphire?

Just trade the Seadra while it's holding a Dragon Scale. It'll evolve into Kingdra.

What trainer has kingdra in Pokemon Platinum?

no one no trainer has a kingdra in Pokemon platinum exept for me :P

What level does Seadra evolve into Kingdra in Pokemon sapphire version?

you need to give seadra a dragon scale (which you can obtain by catching or using thief on some dragon Pokemon (bagon for instance) and theres a chance that they will be holding a dragon scale) and then you trade your seadra holding the dragon scale and voila you have a kingdra

What is Pokemon 230 in Pokemon Pearl?


Is there a different way to get Kingdra on Pokemon Emerald?

No, there is only one method to get Kingdra.

How did the Kingdra evolve in Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs?

Kingdra does not evolve further

For Pokemon sapphire for an elite four team is a seaking or an azumarill the better Pokemon?

Seaking, definitely, it has great stats compared to Azumarill. But Seaking still kinda stinks stat wise, get a Ludicolo, Tentacruel, or Kingdra

How do you get kingdra on Pokemon pearl?

you get kingdra by using action replay. but i don't know the code.

Which Pokemon is at 230 in the pokedex?


Who do you trade your Seadra with in Pokemon Sapphire?

to evolve it into a kingdra you need to give it a dragon scale and trade it to another player, but you can only get dragon scales off horseas(i forgot how to spell it) and bagons if im correct at about a 5% chance of them holding it, so get a Pokemon with thief and try to get one then find a friend to trade it with you and youll have your kingdra if you wanted him

What Pokemon type do you use against Kingdra?

Kingdra is a Water and Dragon type pokemon.