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The language is called 'Standard Galactic Alphabet', which comes from the old iD Software game, Commander Keen, and translation guides can be found online. But one word of warning, it's pointless to translate the text because the words are picked randomly and knowing them won't tell you what the effect is.

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Q: How do can you translate the enchanting language in minecraft?
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How do you cast a spell on minecraft?

There are no 'spells' in vanilla Minecraft, just enchanting tables.

How do you enchant things on Minecraft?

You can enchant items with an Enchanting Table.

What update has enchanting in minecraft?

Any version after Beta 1.8.1

What is the name of the experience potion on minecraft?

i think its called bottle of enchanting, or bottle of enchantment.

What is the cheat to get a bottle o enchanting in minecraft?

/Give {username} 64 384 Gives Username 64 bottles o enchanting

What is a anvil used for in Minecraft?

repairing things or enchanting also naming

Can you enchant stuff on Minecraft Xbox?

No, enchanting tables have not yet been added to Minecraft Xbox 360 edition.

Can you break an enchanting table?

In the game Minecraft, it is possible to break an enchanting table. However, breaking an enchantment table without using a pickaxe will not yield a block.

How do you make bottles of enchantment on minecraft?

You cannot make bottles of enchanting in Minecraft. The only way to get them currently is through villager trading.

How can you translate a text message sent to you in the Chinese language to the english language for free?

go to google translate. you can translate from any language into any language.

Do you have to be a certain level to get cobblestone in Minecraft?

With the normal Minecraft mechanics, experience levels are only related to enchanting. You can mine cobblestone, or any other material, at any level.

Can anyone translate this Chinese language?

If one wants to translate something from the Chinese language, they can go to Google translate