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This is really hard, and you need some really tough pokemon. Since it's a 2 vs 2 battle, I suggest a really strong electric type (I use Amparos) and something that knows Sleep powder and Leech seed (like a Venusaur).

Most dragon types are secretly flying types, so they are weak to electricity. Sleep powder will save you (kind of) from a few attacks, but do this quickly, before the dragons can use any fire move. My Venusaur took a fire blast to the face ad survived, but that isn't a common thing. leech seed is the best, because it saps away life, boosts your own life, and doesn't affect the foe's status like poison powder does. For here on out, it's about tenacity and lemonades. That's really all I can say.

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Q: How do beat Lance and Clair in a double battle in Heartgold?
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Pokemon soul of silver do you battle Clair and lance?

Yeah you do. At the dragons den you and your rival battle both Clair and Lance in a double battle.

Is there a secret passage in mt moon on Pokemon heartgold?

Yes, This is also the way to get your rival to go to dragons den. Then to battle Clair and Lance in a double battle.

How do you make a double battle with your rival in heartgold?

after having all your battles with your rival SILVER in the game go to DRAGON DEN then talk to him. Then LANCE and CLAIR well appear then you and SILVER well battle them (in a double battle).

When do you double battle lance and Claire in Pokemon heart gold?

You get to double battle Lance and Clair in the Dragon's Den after you have defeated your Rival in Mt. Moon.

How do you fight Clair and Lance in a double battle in Pokemon Soul Silver?

Go to the Dragon's Den on Mondays or Wednesdays, where you will see your rival. He'll talk for a bit, and afterwards, Lance and Clair will show up and engage you and your rival in a double battle.

Who you defeat lance and Clair in the dragons den?

Once you've met your rival at mount moon, go to the dragons den. There you will have a double battle with your rival against Lance and Clair.

How do you get clair's number in Pokemon SoulSilver?

from clair at any morning in the dragons den. but you must have beaten her in the lance-clair double battle before getting her number.

Where do you find lance the second time in heart gold?

In the E4. If you're talking about the double battle with Clair, in the Dragon Den.

What to do after defeating a double battle at dragons den with Clair and lance?

you go out of Dragon's Den (if its Friday)then you see Clair by the bridge in Friday Mornings.You talk to her then she will give you your phone number.

Where is your rival after you do the double battle and beat lance and Clair in dragons den?

After you do the Double Battle with your game character and your Rival against Clair and Lance in the Dragon's Den, you will then find your Rival in the Dragon's Den on Tuesdays and Thursday doing some training however he won't challenge you to a battle then. You can also find him in the Pokémon League building on Mondays and Wednesdays and he will challenge you to a battle on those days.

Where do you find your rival after you battle him on Mt Moon?

go to dragons den then surf to the back of the masters house you will see your rival he starts talking then Clair and Lance come you double battle against them with your rival. After that on Mondays and Wednesdays he challenges you at the second floor of the Pokemon League PS in the double battle all three (Lance Rival and Clair) use three Pokemon

When do you get Clair's pokegear number?

Dragons den every morning between 6:00AM abd 10:00AM. must defeat Clair and lance in a double battle with your rival though.