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Once you've met your rival at mount moon, go to the dragons den. There you will have a double battle with your rival against Lance and Clair.

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Q: Who you defeat lance and Clair in the dragons den?
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Where is your rival after you defeat lance and Clair in soulsilver?

in dragons den

How do you get lance's phone number?

You will have to defeat Lance more times from the Indigo Plateau, and defeat him and Clair in the Dragon's Den. You must defeat your rival in Mt. Moon to bttle with him and Clair (Clair is his cousin).

When do you get Clair's pokegear number?

Dragons den every morning between 6:00AM abd 10:00AM. must defeat Clair and lance in a double battle with your rival though.

Pokemon soul of silver do you battle Clair and lance?

Yeah you do. At the dragons den you and your rival battle both Clair and Lance in a double battle.

Where is lance after you defeat him in a double battle in the dragons den?

Lance is at the Pokemon League as the Champion

Where do you go after you beat lance and Clair with your rival in the dragons den?

you go to professor elm's labratory

How do you get Clair's number in pokemon soul silver?

after you tag battled with your rival against lance and clair,she appears in dragons den in the morning

How do you get clair's number in Pokemon SoulSilver?

from clair at any morning in the dragons den. but you must have beaten her in the lance-clair double battle before getting her number.

What to do after defeating a double battle at dragons den with Clair and lance?

you go out of Dragon's Den (if its Friday)then you see Clair by the bridge in Friday Mornings.You talk to her then she will give you your phone number.

What time is Clair at the dragons den in soul silver?

After you catch shiny garados and defeat team rocket

How do you get to dragon cave Pokemon Silver?

you mean dragons den? you have to defeat Clair the gym leader first.

How do you get Clair's phone number in Pokemon heartgold and soulsilver?

After you defeat Clair and Lance at the dragons den with your rival,look at your pokegear.If it is anywhere between 6:00-10:00,then go back to the dragons den and you'll see Clair.Talk to her and she will give you her phone number.Then,you can call her back Friday night to arrange a rematch in the Saffron City dojo.