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You insert plug a supported USB device into the USB port (they only fit one way, so you can't screw it up). What devices are supported will depend on the individual game.

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Q: How do You use the USB ports on the PlayStation 2?
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Can you play PlayStation 2 games on a PlayStation 3 console?

On the older model PS3 with 4 USB ports most games PS2 can be played, but not on PS3 consoles than have only 2 USB ports.

Can you use a PlayStation 2 controller on the PlayStation 3?

You cannot use one directly. It is, however, possible purchase a PS2 to USB adapter and plug up to 2 into your PS3's USB ports. You will not have sixaxis or the PS button, but everything else should work.

If PlayStation 3 support PlayStation 2 game?

Then it has 4 USB ports the other models do not play the games and can not be made to

Will a PlayStation 3 play a PlayStation 2 game?

No. The early ones with 4 USB ports did, but any made in the last 3 years have not

Is there like a wire or a cable to let you play a playstation 2 game on a playstation 3 system?

No if you have a PS3 with 2 USB ports there is nothing you can purchase that will allow you to play PS2 games. Only the early PS3 with 4 USB ports could play PS2 games.

What is the purpose of the USB ports on a PlayStation 2?

One reason for the usb port is so you can connect the controllers for games like Rock Band.

Which PlayStation 3 works with ps2 games?

Sony PlayStation 3 60gb that's the only one that will get ps2 games working!!!! On the older model PS3 with 4 USB ports most PS2 games can be played, but not on PS3 consoles that have only 2 USB ports.

Can you play the bully Playstation 2 game on the PS3?

You can only play it on the early PS3 models with 4 USB ports

Will a playstation 3 rock band microphone work with a playstation 2 system to play rock band?

yes because they both run off of usb ports

Can PlayStation 2 games play of PlayStation 3?

No, only old PS3 Game consoles with 4 USB ports can play some PS2 game titles.

How do you upload a picture from either your computer or laptop onto a game for your playstation 2. I thought about using the usb ports for a flash drive and putting it on throuh that way?

use the aids

What are the USB ports on the PlayStation 2 for?

The USB ports on the PlayStation 2 are multi-purpose, and could in theory be used for any peripheral that a game wanted. The most common uses are for the EyeToy, the PlayStation 2 headset, and the Guncon II (a light gun). Some games also support saving screenshots to a USB Flash drive or printing to a USB printer. Plugging in an MP3 player or iPod via USB cable can also be used to charge it while you play the playstation.