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Q: How do I fix guitar hero guitar slide bar it is auto strumming?
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What is strumming in Guitar Hero?

When you push the white bar on the body of the guitar up or down. Each move is called a strum and on Guitar Hero guitar, each strum is accompanied by a "click" sound. Sadly there is no click sound when strumming on a Rock Band guitar.

What does that slide button on the back of a Guitar Hero guitar do?

what slide button? theres no slide button on mines

What are HOPO's in Guitar Hero 5?

HOPO - Hammer Ons and Pull Offs They are notes that you can play without strumming. Sources: My own experience with Guitar Hero.

Can you use the same Guitar Hero guitar on the newer versions of Guitar Hero such as Guitar Hero 3 guitar on World tour?

Yes, you can use the same guitar, but it won't have the new features on it for World Tour. You won't be able to use the touch-sensitive frets. The only advantages that you get with the touch-sensitive buttons are that you can slide between notes on certain parts of songs without strumming. You can also use slider and tap it instead of strumming on regular notes. However, you can use the regular frets to hit the notes without strumming, as well. But obviously they are not touch sensitive. You would have to play it as normal, but you wouldn't have to strum. Plus you have to get the drums and microphone to play different roles in the band.

Why does my Guitar Hero World Tour guitar keep double strumming whenever I strum and what can I do to stop it?

Will ps2's Guitar Hero 3 guitar work with Guitar Hero world tour?

Yes, but on the new guitar there's a touch sensitive pad ('Slider') that the others don't. So instead you will have to just push the frets without strumming.

What does Guitar Hero fc mean?

it stands for full combo and its achieved by getting 100 percent with a full note streak and not over strumming or strumming hammer ons and pull offs

Do Guitar Hero 5 guitar controllers for Xbox 360 work with the Rock Band 2 game for Xbox 360?

All guitars work for all games. the only thing is the guitar hero guitar with the slide feature the slide feature will not work in rock band.

Will rock band help you play the guitar?

Yes, Rockband and Guitar Hero hellp you play the guitar because it stimulates your muscles in the same way and gets you used to playing different notes and strumming.

On guitar hero world tour I can't get any money after I complete a gig or song can someone help me?

if you have a cheat that says always slide on then it will make it to were there are more no strumming notes and it will make it to were you cannot gain any money on quickplay or career songs.

Can you do a song on Guitar Hero 3 without strumming?

No. All songs, including custom songs, must be strum at least one time.

Does the Guitar Hero 3 guitar work on Guitar Hero 5?

Yes you can. The only thing you'll miss are the slide-buttons. It ads an additional fun-factor. That's all. Any guitar hero controller will work on any guitar hero game, as long as it is on the same console :) epic win. I use guitar hero 2 controller on world tour

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