How did Goku become ssj4?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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when he was fighting baby in the GT series he looked at the earth and regretted how he couldn't protect it from baby and said, "earth please give me the strength to protect you." then he started to transform into a great ape except he had yellow fur. this was when pan (his grand daughter) was there...well when goku became the 'yellow ape' pan was scared because she had never seen him like this and also was scared by the fact that he might not turn back to his normal self. well goku was on a tower as the ape and pan flew up in front of him and tried to talk to him. i think he hit her one time and she got back up to talk to him again (goku was over powered and he did't recognize pan) but she eventually got him to calm down and goku turned back into his human form. when goku is ssj4 he has black spiky hair along with a reddish fur coat on the top half the fur does't cover his chest. on the lower half goku wears yellow pants with darkish blue shoes that look as if they are ducked taped to his pants and ankles.

yes it is still goku

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Q: How did Goku become ssj4?
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Who is stronger ssj4 goku or ssj4 or ultimate gohan and why?

Goku easily

Who would in a fight ssj4 goku or kid buu?

SSJ4 Goku, of course!

Who is cuter SSJ4 Goku or SSJ4 Vegeta?

vegeta is

Who is stronger Goku SSJ4 or Ultimate Gohan?

Goku SSJ4 will win because he has 10x kamakamaeha.

Is ssj4 goku stronger than ssj4 vegeta?

No ssj4 goku and ssj4 Vegeta is equal in power levels as a ssj4. Pls note that this will only happen at the end of Dragonball GT. At the end of Dragonball Z Goku is one level higher than Vegeta as ssj3.

How do you unlock ssj4 Goku in dragonball bt3?

get all the way to gt saga and finish it then go to duel or what ever and go to gt kid goku and go to ssj4 goku or gogeta ssj4

Who is Goku ssj4?

Goku SSJ4 is the most powerful super saiyan form that Goku can transform into

Who is stronger vegito or vegeta and goku ssj4?

come on use some mind vegito base is stronger than gogeta ssj4 and gogeta ssj4 is stronger than ssj4 goku and ssj4vegeta and also plus vegito base is strongest person in dbgt,dbz and db.vegito is stronger twice as goku ssj4 and vegeta ssj4.

Is goku ssj4 in Dragon Ball Z ultimate tenkaichi?

No there's not they made gogeta ssj4 but not goku or vegeta sucks

Who is stronger Superman or SSJ4 Goku?

ssj 4 goku

Who is stronger goku ssj 10 or gogeta ssj4?

Goku ssj10 since to fuse or use the potara need to be equal power level. Let me put it more simple....gogeta ssj4= goku ssj 4 + vegita ssj4....=goku ssj8. Goku ssj8 vs goku ssj10...well goku ssj10 wins

How do you get ssj4?

to achieve SSJ4 you have to be a pure blood saiyan. which only leaves Goku and Vegeta now. both of them had to become oozaru and force themselves to transform back into human form. which left them in the SSJ4 transformation.