How come sonic calls him egg man?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It started out as an insult that Tails used. (Since Eggman is round, like an egg, Tails was calling him fat.) However, for some reason they later made Eggman his actual name. I don't know why.

His real name is Ivo Robotnik.

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Q: How come sonic calls him egg man?
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Did shadow from sonic come from out space?

no dr Egg man nega made him i like to call him Eggo

How do you beat Dr Eggman as Sonic in Neo Sonic Godspeed?

U go 2 Yoshi's Island get a Yoshi come back 2 sonic and swallow Dr egg man with Yoshi then u ground pound on the egg.

Does egg man die in sonic colors?


Who is starved egg-man?

Starved egg-man is a human that ate an electric animal that comes to feed on the mobians. including sonic and friends. he built a metal sonic called furnace to cook the animals while egg-man eats them.

What are the sonic x boys names?

sonic shadow tails the boys grandfather egg man knuckles

Why is eggman shaped like an egg?

if you watch sonic x eggman is shaped liked an egg because his name start with egg and he is a man

How did Sonic the Hedgehog get his powers?

Sonic was born with his powers.

Who are all of the sonic boys?

sonic, nuckles, silver, crock, dr egg man, tails thats all i know sorry

Is Sonic blind?

no if he was blind will know where he's going or find egghead or egg man

How do you unlock all planets in Sega superstars tennis?

Beat the mission with sonic or shadowor egg man

What is the order for Shadow in Sparkletown in Mario and Sonic at the Olympic winter games?

bowser, egg man, bowser jr, metal sonic its on the back of the sign after the other machine in that town

What would happen met Amy rose?

The question makes no sense. 2nd answer: if your asking 'what happened to amy rose' metal sonic (egg man's robot sonic if you don't know) killed her, tails, everyone but sonic and shadow.