What would happen met Amy rose?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The question makes no sense.

2nd answer: if your asking 'what happened to amy rose' metal sonic (egg man's robot sonic if you don't know) killed her, tails, everyone but sonic and shadow.

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Q: What would happen met Amy rose?
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Has Amy rose ever met manic the hedgehog?

No Amy is not in the 30 years later series but she would probably be pretty upset if she did meat him.

Who Love Amy Rose?

Amy Rose officially has unrequited feelings for Sonic the hedgehog.

How does sonic meet Amy rose?

Sonic met Amy on Little Planet in Sonic CD, they meet as she gets kidnapped by Metal Sonic.

How did Amy Rose meet Sonic the Hedgehog in Sonic X?

It doesn't show so I think she met him some where.

How did sonic and Amy meet?

Amy Rose was a fortune teller and used the tarot cards to predict her future and it stated that she was destined to meet her future love, Sonic the Hedgehog in Never lake where Little Planet appears. Amy met Sonic on Palmtree Panic but how Amy got on Little Planet in the first place is a mystery.......

Does manic the hedgehog like Amy rose?

In Sonic history, the timeline of both of them are different. Manic was only in a show (not even Tails wuz in it) Amy and Manic never met. Plus, it took till 1999 for her to be a star

If Leia and Oola met what would happen?

They would battle.

How did sonic met Amy?

Sega never specified it, but the first time they met, was in Sonic CD. They met right before Amy was captured by Metal Sonic.

What would happen if you met aliens?

you will get raped................ and you will like it

Does Amy Rose have a sister?

Yes, Because She was in unseen Twin Sister on Amy Rose an She uses Jessiah the Cat She is a Bounty on Eggman but Katie`s Eyes but then Disappeared, Katie was sent to the future but many years Katie met Amy Katie is hardheaded and mean sometimes. She especially loves to make her sister mad. However, she is loyal to her friends and does the right thing most of the time even For Amelia Rose...

Did Jack meet rose's grandmother?

no he met rose

What do you think would happen if Haku and Hinata met?

Since Haku is dead there is no chance they would meet, and if he was not dead, why would anything happen?