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My understanding is they can spawn no closer than 16 blocks from you, and I believe up to 125 away outside of that 16 in any direction, up, down, left, right, forward, and back.

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Q: How close can mobs spawn in Minecraft?
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Do mobs in minecraft spawn in water?

No, mobs will not spawn in water or ontop of half slabs.

Are there mobs in creative mode in Minecraft?

In Minecraft Classic, mobs can't spawn, so they can't exist naturally. If you play the Survival Test, and when mobs spawn there, you can save it and open it in creative mode so then the mobs can stay there. However, in Minecraft Creative Mode, mobs can spawn, but they can't hurt you because you have no healthbar.

Will a mob spawn in a place with lava in minecraft?

No, the AI for mobs in minecraft has been improved so mobs don't spawn in strange places. You can manually spawn them in lava with that mob's egg.

In minecraft do ghasts spawn on easy?

All hostile mobs spawn on easy difficulty.

Can mobs in minecraft spawn in water?

The only mob that can spawn in water is currently a squid.

What do Minecraft mobs mostly spawn on?

Grass and stone blocks.

How do you spawn mobs on minecraft pocket edition?

If you mean by mob egg-type things, you can't. Only darkness can cause mobs to spawn.

Can mobs spawn on netherack in minecraft?

Yes, in the Nether Zombie Pigmen spawn on the netherrack but I don't think they spawn on Netherrack in the Overworld.

How do you make mobs upsidedown on minecraft?

You name the spawn egg dinnerbone or grumm

Do mobs spawn randomly in minecraft 1.7.3?

No, there are preset spawners undrground and hidden ones in blocks.

How do you find sheep on minecraft?

Explore around. passive Mobs can spawn almost anywere on land.

Can you go to the nether on peaceful in minecraft?

Yes, but the Pigmen and Ghasts won't spawn.