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Use a pen or a crayon instead.

Make your 1 go from bottom to top. connect all the numbers.
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Q: How can you write 100 without taking off the pencil from the paper?
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Does a pencil need friction to write?

Yes, a pencil needs friction to write. When you apply pressure to the pencil against the paper, the friction between the graphite tip and the paper creates the marks. Without sufficient friction, the pencil would not be able to leave a mark on the surface.

What does paper and pencil relate to math?

You can do calculations using a pencil to write on paper!

Is it true pencils do not need friction to write?

No, pencils do require friction to write. When a pencil is pressed against paper, the friction between the graphite tip and the paper surface causes the graphite to leave a mark. Without this friction, the pencil would not be able to write.

How do you write expressions?

with a pencil and paper

What is a Onomatopoeia for Pencil on paper?


Why should Gary write the labels on paper in pencil why should he not write in ink?

With pencil you can erase, not with pen.

How can you write in numerals?

With a pencil or ballpen and paper! :))

How does a pencil write on paper because there both wood?

the graphite in the pencil is soft, when you write/draw it rubs off on to the paper. (Graphite is a soft metal)

Do pencils need friction to write with?

Yes, pencils need friction in order to write. The friction between the pencil lead and the surface of the paper allows the lead to leave a mark as it rubs off onto the paper. Without friction, the pencil lead would not be able to transfer onto the paper.

What is the function of a pencil?

the function of a pencil is to write with out getting your hands dirty and to be able to write on paper instead of stone.

How do you write a paper for school?

You get a pencil do some research and write what you learned.

How do you write on paper?

you use your pink barbie pencil