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you have to guess the names of the gods and goddesses NO!!!Don't look it up go grab a pencil and paper(in real life) go to the museum (in poptropica) and write all the names of the gods and goddesses.

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Q: How do you beat the blond lady on mythology island on poptropica?
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How do you beat Mythology Island poptropica without fighting Zeas?

You can't.

What is the hardest island to beat on poptropica?

Wimpy Wonderland Red Dragon Island Counterfeit Island Mythology Island Astro Knights Skullduggery

What is the last thing you do on mythology island on poptropica?

On Mythology Island in Poptropica, the final thing you do is defeat Zeus in a battle to stop him from taking over the island. Once you defeat Zeus, you will have completed the main quest of the island and can claim your medallion.

How do you turn big on Poptropica?

you have to beat mythology island on poptropica then you put on hades crown and push the space button to turn big

How do you beat the heaven god on Poptropica?

This may be a reference to Zeus, who you battle twice on Poptropica (Mythology Island and Super Villains Island). See the related questions below.

How do you beat globchem on Poptropica?

how do you beat vampire island on poptropica

How do you beat the Ancient island on Poptropica?

There is currently no Ancient Island on Poptropica.

How do you beat the island with the museum on Poptropica?

The island that includes a museum in the quest is Counterfeit island. (see the related link) There are also museums on Early Poptropica, Shark Tooth Island, Nabooti Island, AStro Knights island, Mythology Island, Steamworks island, Cryptids Island, and Game Show island.

How do you know you beat an island on Poptropica?

If you beat an island on Poptropica you should know you beat it because, If you beat it you should get a medal and a few coins! Hope that helps!

What do you do on super power island on poptropica to beat it?

you beat it

How do you beat the french island on poptropica?

Counterfeit Island is set on an unnamed French island.(see related solution question)

Poptropica how to beat narbooty island?

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