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By catching 4 Caterpies on the yellow pokemon version on gameboy colour, at this moment, a window will appear, enter the following code : ABB--><--<--BBABB-->-->BBAA and select to finish.

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Q: How can you watch the banned episode when ash kisses may?
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Is the episode banned when ash kisses and misty kiss?


What episode did ash kiss melody in Pokemon?

episode 27 It was the other way around, Melody kisses Ash.

Is the episode banned when ash and misty kiss?


Is the episode when ash and misty kissed banned does misty and ash kiss?

that never happened

What episode does Ash Kisses May?

many many different times episode 45,87,13,76,and 58

What happens in episode 357 of Pokemon?

"Take This House and Shuppet"

Does ash kiss may in episode?

Ash has never kissed May in any Pok&Atilde;&copy;mon episode. There's a rumor that he kissed her in a banned episode, but it was false.

What episode and where does ash kiss the girls?

He never kisses coz it would make the films inappropriate (i wish ash does kiss someone)

What is that episode called where misty throws a master ball at ash?

It is from a banned episode, named Beauty and the Beach.

Is it possible to see the episode where ash and misty kiss on tv?

No. It is impossible. Unless ofcourse you go to Japan but i think the episode has been banned there too. Although you can watch it on you tube. I have found the episod on you tube. Then wots it called?

Did Misty kiss Ash in the Pokemon episode Pokemon Fashion Flash?

No, Misty never kisses Ash in any of the Pok&Atilde;&copy;mon episodes.

What is the name of the Pokemon episode when May and Drew watch the sunset together?

in the episode where may saves drew i think its in the pokemon series