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go to the main menu and press c on the kebord to get cheat code and type in skippy then play a levle and when playing the game press h on evry levle and you will aumake you get victory strait awayto

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Q: How can you unlock demons in warlord call to arms?
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Warlords call to arms cheats?

how can i unlock demons in arlord call to arms? just conquer the whole map with one race to unlock the demons

How do you use 2 equip 2 guns in call of duty black ops online?

Get "Warlord" or "Warlord Pro" perk.

How do you find the unlock code for a 1997 Saturn?

most vehicles have the passcode in the trunck of the car on what you may call the arms

What do you call a bunch of demons?

A group of demons is commonly referred to as a "legion" or a "horde."

Do ouija boards call only demons?

no, ouija boards don't only call demons, they can call good spirits too.

How do you get warlord pro?

in order to unlock warlord pro in call of duty: black ops you must complete these series of challenges.150 Kills using a gun with two attachmentsGet 10 Frag or Semtex KillsGet 1 Multi-kill with Frag or Semtexonce all of the challenges are completed you must purchase the pro version for 3000 cod points.

How do you get 2 tomahalks in Call of Duty Black Ops?

U got to have warlord pro

What do you call someone who works with demons?


When was The Call for Arms created?

The Call for Arms was created in 1940.

What does warlord pro do in call of duty black ops?

2 primary grenades and 3 tactical grenades

What is the duration of The Call for Arms?

The duration of The Call for Arms is 420.0 seconds.

What do warlord pro do in Call of Duty?

It gives you an extra tactical grenade and special grenade, besides a willy pete.