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Q: How can you test the personality test for Pokemon?
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Where is the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon quiz online?

I think you can take the "Pokemon Personality Test"...well...Google "Pokemon Personality Test" and click on links that seem promising.

How do you become a chikorita in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon explorers of the sky?

keep trying the personality test

Can someone show you the answers to riolu in Pokemon mystery dungeon explores of skys personality test?

Be a sassy

How do you choose what Pokemon you are in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon explorers of sky?

you take a test about your personality and the game matches you up with the Pokemon most like you. you get to choose a partner that isn't your type

What is the duration of The Personality Test?

The duration of The Personality Test is 1800.0 seconds.

When did The Personality Test end?

The Personality Test ended on 2007-08-09.

When was The Personality Test created?

The Personality Test was created on 2006-07-12.

Where can I take a personality test online?

You can take a personality test online at You can also check out

Is there Simpsons personality test?

Searching "simpsons personality test" into google gives you loads of 'em. Just think about it!

Which personality test did Jung develop?

Carl Jung developed the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality test, which is based on his theories of psychological types and cognitive functions.

Would you take a personality or drug test?

Drug test

How can you get piplup as a starter on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?

To be Piplup in PMD2, you need to get either an impish nature (male) or a quirky nature (female) as a result when you take the personality test.