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In the swordhaven castle, talk to the king, if you are evil you can buy a contract for 100,000 gold coins to turn to good.

After that you can do different quests for reputation

there are 3 non member quests, one which gives 2000 rep and the other two which give 250, you can only do the 2000 rep every 24 hours.

(this is a different guy)

In the top left corner of the the screen there is your name ,health ,mana ,head etc

click on it and char page ,reputation ,leave party and close will come up click on reputation and a list of all your reputations will come up.

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Q: How can you tell what your Good reputation in AQWorlds?
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When you switch to good in aqworlds does your evil reputation resets?

No it does not

Do you lose your good reputation when you switch to evil in AQWorlds?


How would you know what level in good you are in Aqworlds?

To check your reputation standings (good included), left click your icon ingame and click reputation. A box will then pop up showing your ranks in all your reputations.

What is the fastest way to get rep in AQWorlds?

It depends on which reputation it is

How do you get chaos reputation in aqworlds?

Well, unfortunately, you can't get chaos reputation. Sorry, it doesn't exist.

How much reputation does it take to get to rank ten in aqworlds?


How do you see your reputation in AQWorlds?

First of, you need to get to Nulgath, then go to then search up how to get to him, once you got to him, you need aqworlds to lag, then it will show your reputation standings. that's all FOLKS (: IT ALWAYS WORKS FOR ME, AND MY FRIENDS

Forgot where the button that show what your rep is in aqworlds?

Left click your icon ingame and click Reputation.

In aqworlds how many reputation points does it take to get from rank 1 to 10 in evil rep?


How do you rank up your reputation at sandsea in aqworlds?

complete the quest chain that starts at sandsea port

How do you youthanize on aqworlds for evil reputation?

you get it by killing green slimes.... slimes are found mostly in swordhaven

Where do you get the Shadow Ninja Blade in AQWorlds?

Go to gravlin in shadowsyth an click evil reputation then click shop and it should be there