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If your Ozbozz Alien is blue , green ,black or gold its a boy . If your Ozbozz Alien is pink ,white ,red or silver its a girl.

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Q: How can you tell an ozbozz aliens gender?
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Do ozbozz aliens die if they get into water?


How do ozbozz aliens have babies?

you squeeze them out their back

How can you tell if your ozbozz alien is not breathing?

The aliens dont actually breath, their not even alive, Its all to make money

How do you take out a ozbozz baby aliens?

put the aliens head down by its but trust me it works.

Do ozbozz aliens go in water?

only if they are having a bath

How can you tell if Ozbozz aliens are boys or girls?

girls are: purple:ortos pink:diplam blue:neduch white:hillsy boys are: black:hymanish red:kibable orange:jnesk green:bangrat

How do you make an ozbozz alien give birth?

you squeeze them out of an aliens back

Do you put ozbozz aliens in water?

someone please answer this question i wanna know

How do ozbozz aliens get babies?

they dont only purple ones do and black ones

Where do you get ozbozz aliens?

Toys R Us or many other toy shops

How can you tell if your ozbozz alien is dead?

if it is not breathing

Do you have to have a birth pod to give birth to ozbozz aliens?

You slowly massage the aliens head and after you have done that you open up the back of the alien and the baby alien will be there.