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at the status (stat) you can see it right next to the name, if there is no gender sign, it is genderless

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Q: How do you tell if Pokemon is male or female in Pokemon Crystal?
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On Pokemon pearl how can you tell male and female Pokemon signs apart?

the blue one is male and the others female

On the Pokemon video games how can you tell a male Pokemon apart from a female Pokemon?

You can tell by at the top by the pokemon's level it will have either a (+) circle with a plus sign on the bottom, or a circle with an arrow at the top. THE CIRCLEPLUS IS FEMALE THE CIRCLEAROW IS MALE

Are dawn's Pokemon male or female?

You can tell by the way they act

How could you tell if it is a male or female Pokemon indigo?

Check its stats and stuff it will say gender male or female.

How do you tell a difference between a boy and girl Pokemon?

It will show on the Pokemon's information if it is a boy or girl with the female or male symbol. Some Pokemon do not have a gender.

Feeder fish How do you tell male from female of the?

Feeder fish, How do you tell male from female of the?

How can you tell someone is male of female?

You can tell if someone is male or female by their reproductive parts.

How do you tell if a pacific tree frog is a female or male?

How do you tell a male pacific frog from a female

How can you tell if your Pokemon is happy in crystal?


Some emus have blue on their neck Are they male or female?

Both male and female emus have blue on their necks. It is impossible to tell the male and female apart by appearance alone.

How do you tell if you have a male angelfish or a female?

You can tell a male angel fish from a female one by all the colorful stripes it has. [the male one]

Were can you find a rare Pokemon if you use a pokeradar?

Lucas or Dawn's sister ( depending on if you play as the male or female protagonist ) will tell you where Pokemon outbreaks are taking place and the Pokemon that you can catch there. I believe there is a show on the tv that will tell you that as well.