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Some cards can do it. Dandylion summons two fluff tokens at the same time, GB Secutor and GB Gyzarus summon two monsters as part of a single resolution. Cards like Hysteric Party and Return from the Different Dimension can summon more than two monsters at the same time.

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Q: How can you summon two Yu-Gi-Oh monsters at once?
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In yugioh If you have two monsters that cant be targeted can your opponent attack you directly?


Can you attack twice if you have two monsters on the field?

In a sense, yes. You attack once per monster. But if one of those monsters was just summoned that same turn, then you cannot attack with it due to summoning sickness which lasts for one turn after summon.

What happens if you XYZ Summon a monster with XYZ monsters that already have materials?

Firstly, XYZ monsters have ranks, not levels, meaning in general they cannot be used for an XYZ summon. The two terms are not interchangable, a Rank 3 monster is not a Level 3 monster, you cannot use two Rank 3 monsters for the XYZ summon of something that needs two Level 3 monsters.Despite this there are a small handful of XYZ monsters who have an alternate summon method, where they can Overlay an XYZ monster. However for these, they specify already that the original monster's material becomes material for the new monster.If there was ever an XYZ Monster that can overlay other XYZ monsters and did not specify what happened to their material, that material would simply go to the graveyard, as the monster they were attached to has gone.

In Yu-Gi-Oh tcg how many monsters can you summon?

Generally, you can only Normal Summon once per turn. However, there are some cards, such as Ultimate Offering and Double Summon that allow you to Normal Summon multiple times.Special Summoning has no limit besides the 5-card Monster Card Zone input. You can Special Summon as many cards as possible in a single turn unless another card specifically prohibits such actions such as Summon Limit.Ultimate OfferingTRAP/Continuous TrapAt the cost of 500 Life Points per monster, a player is allowed an extra Normal Summon or Set.Double SummonSPELL/Normal SpellYou can Normal Summon 1 additional time this turn. You can only gain this effect once per turn.Summon LimitTRAP/Continuous TrapNeither player can Summon more than two times per turn.

What is used in a Fusion Summon?

A Fusion Summon generally consists of two or more Fusion Material Monsters and the Spell Card Polymerization.Some Fusion Summons, such as Contact Fusion, do not require the use of Polymerization and can be fused as directed on the Fusion Monster.

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