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On the main menu select NEW GAME. however you cannot save it without deleting the current save file.

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Q: How can you start over Pokemon heart gold with out deleting your saved data on the ds?
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Deleting Pokemon platinum even if it saved?

start a new game and save over it (i think)

Can you start Pokemon white over without deleting your other profile?


What do you do if you have a saved game file in Pokemon black but want to start a new game?

You go to the title screen where you see a giant reshiram, press UP+B+SELECT/START SIMULTANIUOUSLEY there it will say deleting all saved data, is this ok? click yes and let it finish deleteing

How can you prevent your Pokemon Emerald from deleting after you defeat the Pokemon League?

Yes you can avoid this by deleting *.sav file BEFORE you start a new game. But you must start and shut off your emulator once before deleting. Now play and select save type flash128k. Now you can play. the *.sav file will appear again in your folder, but this one is the correct one.

When do you get to start using your pokewalker in Pokemon heart gold?

In the beginning when you get your second Pokemon.

How do you clear all saved data in Pokemon emerald?

First you start a new game and then just save over your old saved game.

Can you have more than one save in midnight club la?

No the only way to start a new game is by deleting the saved game from your hard drive or by playing it in a different peofile

What happens if you kill misperit in Pokemon Pearl and saved the game?

u suck start over

What day does Pokemon bug catching contest start at in Pokemon heart gold?

ask a friend

Can you start off with cindaquil in Pokemon diamond?

no only on Pokemon heart gold and soul silver

Can you start another profile in Pokemon leaf green without deleting the playing profile?

yeah but you cant save it if you do the other one will be sucks

How do you delte a saved file on Pokemon diamond?

when you see the legendary Pokemon on the start screen press up select and b at the same time