How can you play DVD on Wii?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You need to buy Wii Homebrew, put it in and wait. Then you can do that and a lot more. I dunno if it works though. I have only seen it on a website called

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Q: How can you play DVD on Wii?
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How can you play DVD ROM games on Wii?


Can you play DVD on Nintindo Wii?

No, the Nintendo Wii doesn't play movies; so don't try.

Is the Wii a DVD player?

no, the Wii uses a different format for its games, thee Wii will not recognize a DVD EDIT: technically you can. if you softmod your wii, you can install a DVD player app. I do not recommend this however because it will break your disk drive eventually.

If video games are DVD's then why can't the wii play movies?

The Wii was not programmed to recognize a DVD when you put one in the disk slot.

Do you need a DVD rom to play wii or gamecube games?

No, the Gamecube's own drive will play Gamecube games, the Wii can play both.

Can the Wii play DVD?

No, the Wii can not play DVD's. Nintendo decided not to include a DVD player on Wii consoles to keep the cost of the console down. Otherwise it would cost more which means less people would buy it for gaming. Xbox360 plays DVDs. Playstation 3 plays DVDs and Blu-Ray.

Do wiis play dvds?

yes they do, with a special modification. Stock Wii's can not play DVD's.

If a wii has been modded can it play DVD movies?

no, the wii cannot read DVD's, even if it is modded, the wii uses a different format, so it won't recognize a DVD. Also if you "mod" the wii, it will void the warranty, and should anything go wrong with it, Nintendo will NOT fix or refund the Wii

Can you play DVDs or CDs on Wii?

Answer:You can not play DVD movies on a Nintendo Wii without special software not endorsed by Nintendo.

Can you burn a torrent file onto a CD or DVD then play it on the Wii?

regular cds don't work on the wii

Does the Nintendo Wii play DVDs?

No, the Nintendo Wii cannot, and will not, play DVDs. There have been rumors about a newer Wii version to hit stores in 2011 about a DVD-playing Wii, but it is all just a rumor, and would be a completely different Wii. Currently, it does't play DVDs.

Will Wii games play on regular DVD players?

No, Wii game discs have software that is only designed to run on the Wii's operating system, so they can only be used with the Wii.