Can you play halo on Wii?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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no with the wii you can only play wii and Gamecube games

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Q: Can you play halo on Wii?
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Does wii play Halo 2?

Not yet

Is Halo 2 for Wii?

No Halo Games are only made on Xbox-XBox360 so it will never be on wii and if they do i wont play it!

Does Wii play Halo 3?

No, halo 3 is exclusive to the xbox 360, or a windows PC

Will there definitly be a halo game for the wii?

No, halo is exclusive to the xbox 360. The xbox will be the only console to ever play halo on.

How much is halo for the Wii?

There is no halo for the Wii as Halo is owned by Microsoft and Wii is Nintendo

What halo games are there for the Wii?

There are currently no halo wii games.

Does wii play any halo game?

No, for the THIRD time today, i must remind some fool that halo is XBOX ONLY.

Is halo 4 on Wii?

None of the halo games are on wii. Only xbox and as of halo 3 xbox 360

Will there be a halo for Wii?

No, bungie might decide to make a halo for the ps3 but definitely not on the wii.

Is there halo for Wii?


Will they be able to make halo for the Nintendo Wii?

No. Bungie (the company that makes halo) is partnered with Microsoft and therefore only makes games for that platform. If you want to play Halo, you'll have to get a 360.

Is there any halo game for the wii?

no there are no halo games for the Wii. halo games are only on the XBox (halo 1-3, wars, odst, and reach) and PC (halo 1 and 2).