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that can not be sorry that can not be!! sorry!!

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Q: How can you make legendary Pokemon clones?
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How to make legendary Pokemon have eggs in Pokemon white?

It's not possible, legendary Pokemon cant be bred.

How can you make a legendary Pokemon lay an egg in Pokemon soulsilver?

You can't make a Pokemon lay an egg.There either genderless or not still,legendary Pokemon can't lay any eggs no mater what happens.P.S. only one legendary knows how,and that's Manaphy.

In Pokemon platinum can you breed a Pokemon with Ditto to make a legendary?


Can you hatch a legendary in Pokemon black or white?

No you cannot. Legendary Pokemon can't breed (make eggs). Not even with Ditto.

How can you make eggs of legenday Pokemon?

Its impossible, legendary Pokemon are unable to reproduce.

Can you make eggs with regis and regieice in Pokemon?

no legendary Pokemon or genderless Pokemon can make eggs/breed. hope i help :)

How to make Pokemon?

You can make any Pokemon (as long as it is not legendary or ungendered) by leaving it in the daycare center with a ditto.

Is shadinja a legendary Pokemon?

It is a rare pokemon, but it is not a legendary pokemon

What is the strongest Pokemon in Pokemon Black?

Reshiram. But if you make any other Pokemon stronger than it by level, yes, then it will be that Pokemon. But if you look to it by the side of legends and legendary power, it is Reshiram.

How do you make legendary Pokemon starter Pokemon?

you cant you pick from the three that r given

Is Unknown a legendary Pokemon?

Unknown is not a legendary Pokemon but it is considered rare. Legendary Pokemon are one of a kinds.

Is hitmonlee Pokemon a legendary?