Is blastoise a legendary Pokemon

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No, Blastoise is not a legendary pokemon.

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Q: Is blastoise a legendary Pokemon
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Who can you get out of the legendary dogs with Blastoise on Pokemon fire red?

you can get raikou for choosing blastoise.

What legendary dog will you get if you choose Blastoise as a starter Pokemon in leaf green?

The legendary dog which you face will alway be typed to be at an advantage against your starter. Therefore, if you started with Squirtle (which becomes Blastoise), then the dog you will face is Raikou. (Bulbasaur=Entei; Charmander=Suicune)

Where do you find Blastoise in Pokemon Diamond?

there are no blastoise have to get squirtle and evolve it

What Pokemon egg is obtained from by giving Blastoise and ditto in day care?

The Pokemon you should get is Blastoise.

What level does Blastoise evolve at in Pokemon soulsilver?

it does not evolve enymore when it is a blastoise.

What level does Blastoise evolve at in Pokemon Diamond?

blastoise doesnt evolve.

What is the turtle from Pokemon?


Is blastoise a good pokemon?

It depends on your personal preference. However, Blastoise has the potential of being a very powerful Pokemon.

Can you breed Blastoise in FireRed?

Yes, but you must breed it with a Ditto, if you can find a Ditto, you can breed every other Pokemon with it except for legendary Pokemon, including Heatran, Latias, and Latios, who all have genders but they are unbreedable.

Legendary Pokémon in Pokémon indigo?

get blastoise level 100 to get mewtwo

Who would win a Pokemon battle Blastoise or swampert?

i think blastoise would win but it's up to you

Does the Pokemon Emerald Champion have a Blastoise?

no he does not