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Alpha is no longer around. If your still interested in starting a Beta server, go to the minecraft site and download the necessary files. More info can be found on the MC Wiki.

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Q: How can you make a minecraft alpha multiplayer server?
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How do you make your own multiplayer server in minecraft?

You need to make a secure web page and then go to Minecraft Multiplayer and make a server. The IP will be: mc. and then your webpage name, .net

How do you invite people to your house on minecraft?

Minecraft has a multiplayer option at the main menu. you must make a multiplayer server, or join one to play with friends.

How can you make a minecraft beta multiplayer server?

Minecraft has made it very easy to make a multiplayer server. Simply go to and download the server .exe. Type in the IP address of the computer you are running the server on and you will connect to your new server! Please note that you will have to port forward your server for people to be able to connect to it from the internet.

How do you make the Minecraft mini pictures beside the servers in your server list?

The steps involved; On Minecraft 1.7.2, you go to 'multiplayer' and see your server list. Sometimes there are mini pictures beside them. I was wondering how to make/get them?

Is there a free way to make a minecraft server?

Minecraft has a separate multiplayer server file to download for free. Just look for the links for the forums or look at Youtube to find out how to set it up.

How do you get on a multiplayer server on the full version of Minecraft?

First you look up Minecraft Servers. Then look for something called an ip address Then go to Minecraft and log in Go to multiplayer one you are logged in If you select add a server make a name then in the box bellow type in the ip address If you go to direct connect you just type in the ip address And thats how you join a minecraft server.

How can you make your single player minecraft world in to a multiplayer one?

In your saves for Minecraft, copy the world that you want to make into a server world. Be sure to copy the entire folder. Open your server folder and paste it there. In the server properties file, change the name of the server to the name of your world's folder. Then launch the server and it should be your exact world.

When you make a server in minecraft it puts you onto normal classic not multiplayer help?

That is probably because you do not have any other people on the server. To let other people onto a server you need to give them your server ip.

How do you make a server on Minecraft classic?

first type "" into your search bar (without the quotes), then find where it says minecraft classic and underneath it says singleplayer and multiplayer. click multiplayer and up the top it should say download server software "here". the word "here" won't have any quotes though. hope i helped you.

How do you play multiplayer Minecraft on different versions?

If you want to play Minecraft on a different version than the most recent, then you will need to look online for a Minecraft server list and make sure to include the version number that you are trying to play on.

Can someone make me a Minecraft server?

We cannot make you a Minecraft server. We can only give you the map to play until you quit or you make a server of your own.

How do you make maps for Minecraft alpha servers?

You cannot in alpha