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Head to Area 2 and go up go around the trees and go left then down you will enter Area 3 on the opposite side where the gold teeth and secret house are.

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Q: How can you get to the farthest corner of the safari zone in leafgreen?
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Where to get swim in Pokemon LeafGreen?

If you mean surf, you get it at the farthest corner of the Safari Zone. Just wander around until you find a big house at a dead end.

Where do you get cacnea in Pokemon platinum?

In Area 5 in the Safari Zone in the farthest corner

Where do you catch dratini in pokemon leafgreen?

in the safari zone or you can buy it at the game corner

Where do you get the hm serf in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You get it in the corner in the safari zone. It's the "big prize" everybody talks about.

Where can you get dratini LeafGreen?

fish with a good or super rod in the safari zone or buy it in the celadon game corner

How do you get pinsur in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You can buy Pinsir at the Game Corner for about 5,500 Coins or catch it in the Safari Zone.

Where do you find drateni in Pokemon LeafGreen?

safari zone in fushia city or a buy him at the game corner with game coins

How do you get pinsir in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You buy Pinsir in the house next to the Game Corner for Coins. Or you can just go into safari zone and catch 1

Where do you find Safari Zone Warden in Pokemon fire red?

The first Warden that gives you "surf" is in the farthest corner of the Safari Zone. The second Warden that gives you "strength" is in the house with the mailbox to the right of the healing area in the city with the Safari Zone.

How do you get to the safari zone in Pokemon leafgreen?

Go to Fuschia city and there is a Safari zone.

Where to catch teddiursa on LeafGreen?

safari zone

Where do you catch chansey in LeafGreen?

safari zone