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Go to the lavender town radio tower and talk to the old man inside

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Q: How can you get the pokeflute channel in your pokegearin the Pokemon heartgold?
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What channel on the raido is the pokeflute on Pokemon HeartGold?

it's at the top

How do you get a pokeflute on Pokemon HeartGold?

you dont get the pokeflute you use the pokegears radio once you can in kanto and tune it to the pokeflute channel

Where do you find the poke-flute in Pokemon heartgold?

there is no pokeflute in heart gold. to wake up snorlax use the pokeflute channel on the radio

In Pokemon HeartGold what channel is the pokeflute on?

Move the radio dot all the way to the top of the circle

How do you get pokeflute on pokeomon heartgold?

The pokeflute doesn't exist in your radio you can tune into a pokeflute channel.

How do you wake up Snorlax in Pokemon leaf green?

use the pokeflute but if ur in heartgold or soulsilver, move the dot on ur radio to the top of the circle (pokeflute channel)

How do you get to digglets cave Pokemon HeartGold?

Diglett's cave is subsequently blocked by a sleepy snorlax. Wake up the Snorlax by tuning to the PokeFlute on your PokeGear radio. You can get the PokeFlute channel by getting the Expn. Card from Lavender Town.

How do you wake the sleeping Snorlax on Pokemon heartgold?

Play the channel Pokeflute on your gear near him then talk to him. You ge the flute by talking to the old man in the radio tower.

Is the Pokemon music channel the same as the pokeflute channel in Pokemon soulsilver if not help?

The pokeflute channel is a completely separate channel on the radio you can only tune into it in kanto put the frequency almost near the top to find it.

How do you get the pokeflute in HeartGold?

The PokeFlute is not a separate item as it was in Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal. First, go to Lavender Town to the Kanto Radio Tower. Talk to everyone until you find someone who gives you an EXPN Card. This card allows you to change the radio to the top tiny star with your stylus to tune to the PokeFlute channel.

Where do you find the pokeflute channel on the radio on Pokemon heartgold?

If you drag the circular tuning thingy on the globe in the middle of the radio, drag it upwards, in the centre. If you don't find it, move it around a little bit.

What to do to snorrlax in Pokemon HeartGold?

Update your pokegear radio at lavender town and then go right next to the snorlax and play the pokeflute channel (ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP) and then talk to snorlax HOPE IT HELPED :)