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You probably have to enter a password...

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Q: How can you get the last accessory in littlest pet shop winter ds?
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How do you get the last accessory on the littlest pet shop ds game?

type a code in to get the accessory

How can you get the last accessory in littlest pet shop garden ds?

all you do is unlock but i dont know how uchuyfddhcrxsckh

If you have littlest pet shop winter for ds and you already have the giarfe is there another password for another animal?

no but there is a accessory to be unlocked with a password but i dont no it

Littlest pet shop giraffe the only pet that you have to get a code for?

yes but there is a last accessory that has a code and i have no idea what the code is. by the way, the giraffe code is LPSTRU.

What is the ds password for accessories in littlest pet shop garden?

For the girrafe: LPSTRUfor the last accessory idk sorry :( that's wat im looking for

The password for littlest pet shop winter hiver?


Are there any action replay codes for littlest pet shop winter?

no action replay has not made any littlest pet shop cheats sorry

How do you get littlest pet shop giraffe in littlest pet shop for ds?

Use code LPSTRU. This works for all 4 LSP DS games. I e-mailed the company that programmed the game to get this answer. I do not know how to get the final accessory for the game which is what I'm searching for at the moment. That may be another e-mail (or ten back and forth as it was last time).

What are some cheats for littlest pet shop ds?

On littlest pet shop jungle and winter: lpstru On littlest pet shop city, beach, and country friends: hasbro On Littlest pet shop 3 biggest stars: woolma, harmony, lps3, lpsds, felina, and...the cheat jet only works on the online game. These are all the cheats I know. Thank you for asking! -Redsky

What is the giraffe code for littlest pet shop for the PC?

You have to buy a Littlest pet shop giraffe vip from a toy store for about 20 dollars and enter the code in the tag on I am a gold member No you dont have to buy anything extra I have never heard of that Go to options when you turn the game on and type in lpstru thats what someone told me but we still dont have that last accessory

What is the target audience for littlest pet shop?

The target audience for Littlest Pet Shop are young children. These children play with these Littlest Pet Shop toys.

How do you get to littlest pet shop?

You have to get a littlest pet shop toy and get a password off of that toy