How can you get ss3 vegeta?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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to get ss3 vageta on a video complete the sayin saga beat vageta with goku.I got my

Vegta when i got ss4 from toy,s are us but no grown up want to go in a kid store so, by the package dbz ulitamate tenkachi and u get the game dbz remoke and ss3 vegeta

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Vegeta never turns SSJ 3.

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Q: How can you get ss3 vegeta?
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Who would win ss3 goku or ss3 vegeta?

This would never happen because Vegeta never turns ss3 but if it did it would be Goku.

How do you unlock ss3 vegeta?

you can unlock vegeta ss3 by doing a unlock able mode in dragon ball raging blast the game

Does vegeta have a ss3?

No he dose not only Goku has it

Does vegeta ever go ss3?

YeS he does.

Will Dragon Ball Z burstlimit 2 have ss4 goku and ss4 vegeta?

no because i have the game and i have unlocked all the characters but there is ss3 vegeta and ss3 broly

Who would win ss3 goku or ss3 vegeta or ss3 broly in an all out battle royal in Dragon ball raging blast 2?

ss3 goku is the best on the game

Does Vegeta go SS3?

yes he can because how did he become supersaiyan 4

Who is better vegeta or Goku?

I think Goku is Better EDIT lets not forget Goku was the first to reach ss3 and 4 and beat broly the legendary super saiyan. Don't get me wrong vegeta helped but mostly got in the way.

When did Vegeta go Super Saiyan 3?

Vegeta could pass super saiyan 2 but he never trained to like Goku did. He used the Bluts Wave to become a great ape and then golden ape because he needs the artificial power because he lost his tail. vegeta didn't achieve super saiyan 3 he skipped it and went super saiyan 4 using blux waves but you can play as ss3 vegeta in the video games

Who would win in a fight vegeta or goku?

Well it kind of depends on "when" because their were times when Vegeta was the strongest in the series. But overall in the end I would say vegeta! It may sound crazy but think about it. Really Goku never really "beat" Vegeta. Their first fight ended in a draw. And the 2nd ended with Goku knocked out. Vegeta is a lot smarter then Goku and he can hit harder. Goku's ki is a lot stronger then Vegeta but that's it. Goku can't stay in his SS3 form long and Vegeta can just play defense until his power is depleted. If they went ss4 it's really fair game. But I think when it comes down to it Vegeta could have the upper hand. Just due to his battle experience. Vegeta is older then Goku.

How do you defeat goku super in maximum mode on DBZ supersonic warriors 2?

You beat him up like any other character hes just harder trust me ive beat him it took about 1 hr Use Gotenks ss3 Gohan ss2 and vegeta super for a 10 min win usin gotenks first then vegeta and finish with gohan

Who is the fastest hero in Dragon Ball Z?

The fastest hero has to be a 3 way tie. Gotenks regular flies around the earth like 20 times in dragon ball z. but goku and vegeta become ss4 with equal strength, power, and speed so it would have to be one of the three. I would call it a tie because if gotenks can fly that many times as a regular then in ss3 that would be a piece of cake. That was faster than regular vegeta or goku could do it . So ss3 gotenks gets a one up boost to be as fast as ss4s. And vegeta and goku are same level super saiyan so they have all of the same stats.So I would call it a three way tie.