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Well it kind of depends on "when" because their were times when Vegeta was the strongest in the series. But overall in the end I would say vegeta! It may sound crazy but think about it. Really Goku never really "beat" Vegeta. Their first fight ended in a draw. And the 2nd ended with Goku knocked out. Vegeta is a lot smarter then Goku and he can hit harder. Goku's ki is a lot stronger then Vegeta but that's it. Goku can't stay in his SS3 form long and Vegeta can just play defense until his power is depleted. If they went ss4 it's really fair game. But I think when it comes down to it Vegeta could have the upper hand. Just due to his battle experience. Vegeta is older then Goku.

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Goku ftw

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Q: Who would win in a fight vegeta or goku?
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Who would win goku ss6 vs minato?

Goku ssj6 would win because Goku ssj1 can destroy the planet.

Who would win Sora or Mario?

Goku annihilates. Goku's a sweetheart, he wouldn't hurt such a poor defenseless wimp like Naruto. No, he will just give him a gentle pat on the head and the offer him to Vegeta. VEGETA'S THE ONE WHO ANNIHILATES THE CRUD OFF OF NARUTO'S FACE TO A PULP!

Who would win Naruto vs Goku?

"naruto easily" no. Naruto is a barely hypersonic mountainbuster. goku is a massively hypersonic large planetbuster. how can Naruto win this?

Who would win Piccolo or Vegeta?

If Bardock lived he could no can advance his son by far and as showed Bardock spared Gokus life but if they both trained together they could of beat the hardest warrior like Broly,super buu, Frieza,Baby,Super 17 and even Omega Shenron at his strongest but logicly bardock would winbardock may have been able to bet goku on the begin of dbz cause he was almost strong enough to bet dobrea and he was at 21,000 so he might have been as strong as vegeta was on earth but goku regenerated and on namek would own bardock no dothbardock at the beginning of the dbz series most likely would be able to beat goku heres the reason why >he did almost kill dadoria on the special episode labeled: the plan to kill the sayians) which shows about how strong bardock was (way stronger than lets say raditz) but when we dig deeper into the series like the namek saga or after... goku by far would win in a battle with bardock for more than one reason... we have to remember that bardock is bad meaning he wouldn't try and help in fights like goku always does which the more battles sayians are in the stronger they get (and we all know that there are more bad in the world than good) so the constant battles against strong enimies makes goku by far stronger than bardock. theres my logical reason from the data iv collected :Dbardok may have been stronger than goku at the start but i think goku would win because he learnt the spirit bomb and kaioken goku achieved super saiyan as well so that would help in the prosess of beating bardok and with the help of senzu beans goku could get stronger costantly because when a saiyan is near death and recovers they get much stronger

How would win a fight 50 cent or john cena?

John cena would win in a fist fight an 50 cent would win in a in a gun fight

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Who would win in a fight majin vegeta or yusuke urameshi?

majin vegeta. he has unlimited powers. he even bet goku

Who would win in a fight goku super sayian 3 or vegeta super sayian3?

goku super sayayin 3

Who would win in a fight between Goku and Vegeta?

Goku would win because while they both use their emotions to guide them in battle, Vegeta lets his emotions get in the way too often. Goku uses his emotions as something to dig into and find strength from. It would be a really drawn out fight though. And it would be really cool.

Who Goku vs vegeta?

If the fight is in the end of gt goku would win because goku was weakened by omega shenron and when vegeta came he was at full power but they could fuse. you have to be at the same amount of energy to fuse. Goku had a lowered power level and vegeta had a lowered power level which means goku is stronger.

Who would win ss3 goku or ss3 vegeta?

This would never happen because Vegeta never turns ss3 but if it did it would be Goku.

Who would win Goku or shenron?

Goku of course but I'm more of the vegeta fan

Who would win in a fight adolf Hitler or vegeta?


Who would win goku ssj4 or vegeta ssj4?

Goku his power level is 3,600,000,000 or when he is fighting omega shinron it is 4,100,000,000 vegeta's is 2,300,000,000 hope this helped

Who would win in a fight Goku or Gohan?


Would vegeta win over goku?

depends majin vegeta beat goku but he cheated i think that he would if they fought long enough and cought goku of guard and used final flash or big bang attack

Who would win in a fight between goku and frieza?

Goku would win. It has already happened.

Who would win between Goku and Vegeta now that they can change super sayain 4?

goku, because he is always more powerful than vegeta,and because, vegeta is never fights for something or someone ,so the more emotional the stronger _____________________________________________________________ Vegeta is very powerful, but Goku wins.