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OK dude i found this out a little bit ago but it works for my school and they block it like hell and back.

1. go to

2. type in daily proxy

3. click the first one add the s to it https

4. there is new proxies every day click the top one and there are some get one that is not blocked and there you go

there u go dude

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Q: How can you get past a school website blocker?
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How do you get past iprism or other website blocker at a school or other public place?

You can't get past this, you can only do this if you made a virus

Where can someone find information about a school blocker?

Finding information about school blocker is much harder than finding information about how to bypass them. The website Software Informer has a few information about school blocker including possible ways on where to obtain them.

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Disable the blocker - IF you're the administrator.

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Unless you have authorized access to the blocker or are able to hack, you can't. If you are referring to a school's blocker, stop worrying about your "prescious" blogs and whatnots and quit wasting our taxpayers' money and DO YOUR SCHOOL WORK!!!! You go to school to get an education, not update your blogs.

How do you get past a website blocker called bess?

You should not, the filtering is there for a reason and if you attempt to bypass it you will most likely be violating policy which could lead to negative action being taken against you.

How can I stop someone else who is using a Website address that I own?

Ping Blocker.

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Either you need a different pop up blocker or you have certain sites that you have allowed pop ups in the past. Check in your setting to see if you have allowed sites.

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To obtain the Barracuda Spam Blocker you can go to the Barracuda Networks website and go to their product page. Then you can choose a free 14 day trial or buy it for $699.

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