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It's not possible to receive/collect all of the blocks or items in minecraft using survival mode. You can gather most of them however by mining, roaming, and finding dungeons and abandoned mine-shafts.

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Q: How can you get everything when you are on survival mode in Minecraft?
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How do you get to survival mode in free Minecraft?

You can't get survival mode in the free version of minecraft if by 'free' minecraft you mean 'classic' minecraft. To get survival mode you must purchase minecraft on the minecraft website.

How do you craft in pocket minecraft?

You can in Survival Mode, but not Creative Mode because in Creative, you have all the blocks and such you need, but in Survival, you don't get everything when you start. Hope the helped!

How do you craft on minecraft pe in creative mode?

You can't craft anything because you already have just about everything there is in minecraft on creative mode. If you want to craft stuff, you have to be on survival mode.

How do you fly in minecraft in survival mode?

To fly in survival mode you need to craft the eye of ender

Is there survival mode in free minecraft?


Can you enchant in survival mode for minecraft?


How to get out of create mode on Minecraft?

If you didn't buy Minecraft Survival then it is impossible to get out of creative mode. If you started a world with creative mode, get TMI (TooManyItems Mod). You can switch between Creative and Survival mode.

How do you turn survival mode into creative mode on minecraft PE?

you can't

How Do You Get Eggs That Spawn Animals In Minecraft PE On Survival Mode?

To get eggs that spawn animals in Minecraft PE on Survival Mode pawn use the command /give.

What should you get in minecraft survival mode?

There is nothing obligatory about minecraft; there is nothing you should get.

How do you go on survival mode in mine-craft beta 1.3?

You are always in survival mode in Minecraft Beta 1.3

Is there any lava on minecraft survival mode?