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sorry you cannot get creative mode on minecraft demo only on the paid version

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Q: How can you get creative mode on mine craft demo version?
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When will mine craft creative mode come out?

It's already out.

How do you spawn fish in mine craft PE?

you have to be in creative at first

Does mine craft demo end?

Yes the Minecraft Demo can end if you are playing on the minecraft page unless you have an account for the page

Is it possible to install non premium mine- craft?

It's technically the same launcher that you'd use. It'd just launch as the demo version if your account is not premium.

How do you spawn fish in mine craft PE creative?

Do /summon fish

Where can you buy the full version of mine craft?

How do you craft on creative mode in mine craft?

you shouldn't need to craft in creative mode since you have all available items. but you can place a crafting table then right click on it to open the 3x3 crafting grid.

Is there a mine craft download for free?

You can play the demo or you can go onto a site (not reccomended) and download it there for free.

How do you build things on mine craft creative?

You just build the same way you do in Survival.

What is the latest version of mine craft?

Right now in 3/3/12 the version is 1.2.3

How much is mine craft full version?

Minecraft costs $26.95.

How do you craft on creative mode in mine craft pe?

There really is no need to craft in Minecraft PE Creative Mode. You have an infinite amount of every single item and block in the game in your inventory already exept 4 command blocks