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well besides the classic play on the mine craft website you can not play multi-player in mine craft for free.

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Q: Do you have to have the full version of Minecraft to play with other people?
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Do people sell CDs for Minecraft?

No, to play the full version of Minecraft, you need a premium account which has to be done online.

Is full version on minecraft free?

You can play on the full version of minecraft by creating an account and playing the demo version for a limited period of time however then you have to purchase the full version to have all of these features.

What are free Minecraft servers?

At least 98% of all Minecraft servers are free. Classic Minecraft is always free and does not require you to buy and download the full version of the game. However it has limited abilities and blocks compared to the full version. Minecraft creative and Minecraft survival require you to buy the full version. Once you have bought the full version, full version servers are completely free. See the related links below for more information.

Do websites other than minecraftnet have minecraft?

Minecraftnet is the only place where you can register the premium account that you need to play the full version of Minecraft.

Is there a Minecraft delta?

No. The full version of Minecraft will come out after Beta 1.9. Most games have their alpha stages then their beta stages and then the full version comes out.

Where can one find the full version of the MineCraft game?

The full version of the Minecraft game can be purchased from Minecraft's own website, and is available for PC and Mac, as well as Android and iOS systems.

Can you still mod minecraft if you have the full version?

You must have the full version to mod it, so yes.

Can i get Minecraft for free?

There is no way to get the full version of minecraft for free, but you can play Minecraft Classic for free.

Is beta a free game from Minecraft?

No, it is not. Minecraft Beta is the newest version of minecraft. In order to get it, you must pay for it. You can play a free version called minecraft classic though.

Can you play minecraft online with no downloading needed?

yes but not he full version the full version cost $26.95

Do you get the full version of minecraft for free if you have the beta?


Can get Minecraft for free?

You can play the free Classic version or you can get the free demo version. The full version of Minecraft has a lot more freedom and free updates.