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you get it as a starter in diamond, pearl and platinum

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Q: How can you get a turtwig in Pokemon Red?
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How do you make turtwig a team member in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?

turtwig isn't in red & blue rescue turtwig is only in explorers of time & darkness..veronica

What type of Pokemon is turtwig?

Turtwig is a Grass type pokemon.

Where do you get a turtwig egg in Pokemon Platinum?

You can not get a Turtwig egg in Pokemon Platinum. But if you breed a Turtwig with a Ditto, then it is possible.

How do you get a turtwig egg in Pokemon Platinum?

Breeding Turtwig with another compatible Pokemon.

How do you catch turtwig in Pokemon HeartGold?

Turtwig is a Hoenn region starter Pokemon. Thus, it cannot be found in the wild for capture in HeartGold. However, after defeating Red at Mt. Silver, you have a chance to get a Turtwig. Go to Silph Co., talk to Steven (the Hoenn champion), and choose the green stone to get a Turtwig.

Where can you catch turtwig in Pokemon platinum?

at the begining of the game the profeser will give you three Pokemon and you have to pick one and those three Pokemon are turtwig chimchar and piplup and if you want turtwig pick turtwig.

Can you get a turtwig on Pokemon Platinum?

Yes you can. Turtwig is a starter pokemon, just like Pokemon Diamond or Pearl.

Where is Turtwig in Pokemon FireRed?

You can only catch Turtwig in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.

What was the first Pokemon in siouh?

The first Pokemon in the Sinnoh region game is Turtwig.

How do you get a Turtwig?

At the start of the game pick Turtwig as your starter pokemon.

Where is turtwig city in Pokemon Diamond?

There is no such thing as turtwig city

How to get turtwig?

You get Turtwig as a starter from Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.

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