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starter Pokemon

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Q: Where can you find turtwig in Pokemon Platinum?
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How do you get a girl turtwig in Pokemon platinum?

You can't find Turtwig in the wild. You have to choose it from the starters Pokemon.

Where do you get a turtwig egg in Pokemon Platinum?

You can not get a Turtwig egg in Pokemon Platinum. But if you breed a Turtwig with a Ditto, then it is possible.

How do you find turtwig?

Turtwig is a starter Pokemon in Pear, Diamond and Platinum or you can obtain through trade

Where do you find turtwig in Pokemon platinum?

You can't find Turtwig in the wild, unfortunately. There are only two ways of getting one, you will have to choose it as your starter Pokemon or trade for it.

Where can you find Grotle in Pokemon Platinum?

You cannot find a Grotle in Pokemon Platinum. You must start out with a Turtwig and then evolve it or get a Grotle via trading.

How do you get a turtwig egg in Pokemon Platinum?

Breeding Turtwig with another compatible Pokemon.

How to get turtwig?

You get Turtwig as a starter from Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.

Can you get a turtwig on Pokemon Platinum?

Yes you can. Turtwig is a starter pokemon, just like Pokemon Diamond or Pearl.

Where to catch a turtiwg in Pokemon Sapphire?

Turtwig does not appear in Pokemon Sapphire, or in Hoenn for that matter. Instead, you can find Turtwig in Generation IV (Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum).

How do you get turtwig on Pokemon Platinum?

You choose it as your 1st partner Pokemon.If you didn't choose Turtwig then you will have to tradewith overs that have Pokemon pearl, diamond or platinum.

Who are the starting Pokemon for Pokemon Platinum?

Turtwig, Chimchar, and Piplup.

What starter Pokemon can you get in Pokemon Platinum?

Chimchar, piplup, and turtwig.