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Only if your a member. Or you could use a special site to hack in but I dont advise that as you will get band forever.

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Q: How can you get a pet and buy stuff for free on Club Penguin?
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Where is all the free stuff on club p?

you have to become a member on club penguin to buy stuff

Can you bye stuff on club penguin for free?

No, you cannot buy anything on Club Penguin for free. During parties there are free items but other than that, no.

What can a non-members buy from club penguin?

No there is no way they can buy but they can get free stuff on partys

How do you get stuff on Club Penguin?

If you want to get stuff on Club Penguin you have to buy it. Go to the Gift Shop and buy some stuff (you have to be a member. If not, you can buy backgrounds whatnonmembers can buy as well as members). Then there is free stuff what is hidden around Club Penguin in parties. Pins... something you can get for free what is hidden around Club Penguin every week. New pins come out every week. If you can't find it, you can look at cheat websites. Hope this helped!!!

How do you buy stuff on Club Penguin without a membership?

Usually on holidays there are some free stuff laying around.

How do you buy stuff on club penguin when you are not a member?

You can't.

What is the code for clubpenguin to get the tresure book?

You have to go buy Club penguin stuff and they will give you codes to activate stuff on Club penguin. If you go on the Club Penguin website it will give you a store locater of where you can go buy stuff. Target is a really good place to get Cub Penguin stuff and it is usually pretty cheap.

Where do you buy Club Penguin toys in Virginia?

you get club penguin toys at wallmart target and stuff like that

How do you get a free memmbership on Club Penguin?

you can buy them at walmart, target,and you can buy them from club penguin and they cost $6.00 for month

Stuff to buy on club penguin if you have membershp?

You can buy a lot of thing on club penguin IF you are a member! You can buy more than 2 puffles, cloths, etc.

What are the benefits of a club penguin membership?

You can buy more stuff.

How can you get tons of stuff on Club Penguin?

You can earn coins by playing games on Club penguin and then go to the gift shop (town) and buy tons of stuff. My penguin name is Jassmin2