How can you get a giratina?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You can only obtain Giratina in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl after defeating the Pokemon league and after obtaining the national Pokedex. Make sure you have the HM's Rock climb, Defog, Rock smash and fly (to travel to Veilstone city) also 4-5 max repels (unless you want to battle wild Pokemon) and many Dusk balls and Ultra balls (save your Master ball for Arceus, once you have the Azure Flute).

To obtain Giratina in Pokemon Diamond/Pearl (as you have to do the same thing)travel south from Veilstone city (route 214) continue south until you see an opening/entrance between two trees. (This opening/entrance is to the left of Ruin Maniac Hunter who has a level 26 Shieldon) continue down the opening/entrance and you will be on the 'Spring Path'. Continue on 'Spring Path' and you will be on 'Sendoff Path' and across the large grassy patch. You will notice there is a wall that is very rocky, rock climb on it and travel around the round path until you reach an area of trees and another wall that is very rocky, you will notice that there is a cave entrance. Rock climb down the wall and enter Turnback cave's entrance. Once you have entered Turnback cave use defog. You will notice there is a wall in front of you, click on it and written on it is "...Past three pillars ... offer up ... to the... ...before 30 is surpassed..." Travel around the wall and continue through many rooms, you can travel forward, left or right, but don't go backwards as it takes you to the room where you entered Turnback cave (they are all the same room, but the rocks are in different positions or patterns) continue past 3 pillars until you reach a large room and there standing in the middle is Giratina. Giratina is level 70 with the moves Shadow force, Slash, Earth power and Shadow claw. Save before you battle Giratina, just to be on the safe side. After you capture Giratina collect the Pokeball (Rare bone), behind the Rare bone is some writing on a wall. It sez "This is ... That where life sparkles ... That where life has faded ... A place where two worlds overlap ..."and leave via any door way.

You can obtain Giratina in Pokemon Platinum during the story line.

You can capture Giratina after you battling Team Galatic Cyrus and Saturn in the main team Galactic base in Velistone. Head to Spear Pillar (top of Mt Coronet) by entering Mt Coronet via Hearthome City side. Make sure you have the HM's Strength, Rock climb and fly (to Hearthome city) also 4-5 max repels (unless you want to battle wild Pokemon) and many Dusk balls and Ultra balls (save your Master ball for Arceus,once you have the Azure flute). Make sure you save your progress just before you battle Giratina.

Once you reach the top, you will have a double battle with your rival against Team Galatic Mars and Jupiter. Once it's over, Cyrus will then attempt to use the power he extracted from Azelf, Mesprit and Uxie. Dialga and Palkia will both be summoned, causing Giratina to emerge from the Distortion World. As Cyrus disappears, you'll see Cynthia rush up to Spear Pillar with you. When you're ready, enter the vortex. In the Distortian world, you have to follow Cyrus and make your way through the Distortion world. There are moving platforms and elevators throughout the Distorion world. Also you have to move some boulders (by strength) with the help of Azelf, Uxie and Mesprit. Once achieved, Cynthia will be waiting for you at the bottom of the Distortion world where an elevator will appear. This elevator will take you to Cyrus and Giratina. Battle Cyrus and after defeating him then you will battle Giratina. Giratina is only level 47 and knows Omnious Wind, AncientPower, Dragon Claw and Shadow Force. If you failed to capture Giratina then don't worry about it, you can capture Giratina in Turnback cave (same place in Diamond and Pearl, the way to get it is in the above paragraph). After you have battled Giratina, then Cyrus will talk to you and stay in the Distortion world forever. Cynthia will appear and tell you to leave through a new vortex, go through and you will be at the entrance to Turnback cave. From there Cynthia will tell you to go to Professor Rowan and there you head to Sunyshore City to battle the gym leader (Volkner).

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Q: How can you get a giratina?
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How do you get giratina in pearl?

You can't giratina in pearl, you can only get giratina in Platinum,

Who is stronger Giratina or Kyuren?

Giratina is stronger.

When was Giratina created?

Giratina was created in 2006.

What is Giratina's Japanese name?

Giratina's Japanese name is just Giratina. Its Katakana name is ギラティナ.

What level does giratina?

you get giratina at level 47 so be ready lol.

How does Giratina change forms?

you can find change giratina 1 way or you can find giratina the first way to change giratina is to transfer it to platinum the first way to find giratina is to go to the pillar and it will appear

What level is Giratina at when you catch him?

giratina is at lv 70.

Who is stronger Regigigas or Giratina?

Giratina. Better Stats

Who is Giratina?

Giratina is a Pokemon from the Game:Pokemon, or in Japan, Pocket Monsters. It is the only Pokemon that lives in the Reverse World. Giratina signature move is Shadow Force. Giratina is a Legendary Pokemon.

What type is the Pokemon Giratina?

Giratina is a Dragon/Ghost Type.

Where can you find Giratina in Platinum?

You find giratina in diisttorction world

How do you evolve Giratina in Pokemon pearl?

Giratina cannot evolve.