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the egg that hatches into togepi take togepi and let the professer see togepi then he gives you 1

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Q: How can you get a exp share in Pokemon SoulSilver?
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Where do you get the Exp Share in Pokemon SoulSilver?

In SoulSilver, Mr. Pokémon will give you the Exp. Share in exchange for the Red Scale that you had received after defeating or catching the Red Gyarados.

What does a red scale do in SoulSilver?

you keep it you give it to Mr. Pokemon and get the exp share

When do you get the exp share in SoulSilver?

After catching or defeating the red Gyrados at the Lake of Rage, pick up the red scale left behind and take it to Mr. Pokemon, who will trade it for the Exp. Share.

How do you exp share?

give the exp share to a weak Pokemon when you use any Pokemon to fight exp goes to the fighting Pokemon and the 1 with the exp share.

How can you get another Exp. Share after losing the one from Mr. Pokemon in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver?

You can get another Exp. Share in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver through the Goldenrod City Radio Tower Lotto Drawing. If the lotto matches the last 3 numbers of any of your Pokémon's ID Number then the Exp. Share would be 1 of the prize options that you could get.

How do you use the expn thing in SoulSilver Pokemon?

How do u get exp. Share in soul silver just tell me by improving

Where do you get the exp share in soulsilver?

you can get an exp share by giving mr Pokemon the red scale you got after beating the red gyarados in the lake of rage.

Do you have to beat the red Gyarados to go through the story in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Yes, but if you want the EXP. Share from Mr. Pokemon it would be better to catch it.

Does Exp. Share work on Shadow Pokemon?

an exp. share works on any pokemon your welcome

How can you raise Pokemon quickly?

if you want strong Pokemon to beecome stronger, than give it the exp share while battling. it gives you double experience. if you want to raise weaker Pokemon, give the exp share to the weak Pokemon, then battle. in soulsilver, catch the red gyarados and where it was is where the red scale is. go to mr. Pokemon's house, and he will give you the exp share. in pearl diamond and platinum, you get it from............................ sorry, i forgot. Google search "where to find the exp share in (blah blah blah). hope this helped :D

What is exp share in heart gold?

Its a item that you give to a Pokemon and it gives the Pokemon that you gave the exp share to exp points to help a Pokemon gain levels

Is there a exp share in Pokemon Crystal?

Yes. Give a red scale to Mr. Pokemon and he will give you EXP Share.