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There is no fast way other than to keep killing cockatrices, I must have killed over 1,000's of them and not one has dropped for me either.

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Q: How can you get a cockatrice head fast on RuneScape?
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How do you hatch a cockatrice egg in runescape?

You don't you actually use it to make a spirit cockatrice puch.

How do you get a cockatrice head in runescape?

A Cockatrice head is a rare drop from a Cockatrice. When obtained, it can be stuffed by the Taxidermist in Canifis which costs 2,000 coins. It can then be mounted in the Skill Hall of a Player-owned house, or can be exchanged for 25 zeal points at the Soul Wars minigame for a minitrice pet. A Ring of wealth will increase your chances of this drop.

How do you get cockatrice cape back on runescape if you lost it?

to get it back you cant

Chances of getting a cockatrice head in runescape?

Very low, I am after one but the thing is I have probably killed over 2,600 of those and not one has been dropped.

How much money are cockatrices heads worth in runescape?

Cockatrice heads are not able to be sold on runescape's grand exchange. They are also not able to be traded.

In runescape what can you do with a cockatrice egg?

The Cockatrice egg is a "bonus" drop from a Cockatrice (level 37 combat), which makes it among regular drops from this creature. It is used in Herblore and Summoning.Herblore: used to create summoning potions.Summoning: used to create Spirit cockatrice pouches to summon Spirit cockatrices.It can`t be incubated at a pet shop.They can also be made from a normal chicken egg by using the Spirit cobra's scroll Ophidian Incubation.Also note that having a Spirit Cockatrice familiar seems to boost the odds of getting the drop of a cockatrice egg while fighting against Cockatrices, and the Spirit Cockatrice will also create one every now and then.

What is a cockatrice spirit?

A cockatrice's spirit is to turn others into stone. For example, in my little pony the cockatrice turned twilight and the chicken into stone.

Do you have to buy cards if you use cockatrice?

No, Cockatrice is free in its entirety. Cards are stored in a database.

What is a chicken with a snake tail called?

There are two mythical creatures that are described as having a rooster's head and the tail of a snake. They are the basilisk and the cockatrice.

How do you get 90m on RuneScape fast?

You don't get it fast. You can get a million in a few days, or if you are very good at RuneScape, perhaps in a few hours.

How do you get fast black knight kills fast in runescape?

go into the fortress and get them

How do you hatch cockatrice eggs?

The cockatrice was supposed to come from an egg laid by a cock (i.e. a male chicken) and incubated by a toad