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Yes you can. In Soul Silver you get to catch Lugia first. But in Heart Gold, you have to defeat the Elite 4 to get Lugia. Go to Whirlpool Island.

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Q: How can you get Lugia in heart gold?
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How do you start HeartGold with Lugia?

You cannot start Heart Gold with Lugia.

Where is Lugia in heart gold?

in the seaform islands

What Pokemon game has Lugia in it?

Lugia is in Pokemon Silver, Soul Silver, and Heart Gold.

How do you get a Lugia on Diamond?

you have to trade him from soulsilver or heart gold

In which Pokemon games can you get lugia?

silver, gold, soul silver, and heart gold

Where to find lugia in heart gold?

At the bottom of the Whirl Islands.

What level is Lugia in Pokemon HeartGold?

Lugia is level 70 on heart gold and 45 on soul silver. Ho-oh is oppisit it 45 on heart gold and 70 on soul silver.

How do you get Lugia in platinum with out action replay?

Trade it over from heart gold or soul silver

What level do you encounter Lugia in heart gold?

HeartGold: Lugia lv 70; Ho-oh lv 45 SoulSilver: Lugia lv 45; Ho-oh lv 70

Which game is better heart gold or soul silver?

heartgold is better because lugia is stronger in heartgold and lugia is stronger than ho-oh

How do you get Lugia in Pokemon diamond pearl?

you cant get it in game. easiest way is to trade from heart gold or soulsilver

In heart gold when do you get to re battle Lugia?

Once you have the Silver Wing and Tidal Bell you can go to Whirl Islands to catch Lugia.